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Transportation While on Holiday

  While on holiday and making your way through the countries of the world, transportation is surely an inevitable occurrence. Usually this part of the trip isn’t the most fun, it might take up a large chunk of time, it was probably one of the most expensive parts of the holiday, and really, the destination [...]

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Hit the road … to the airport!

How do you get to the airport? Do you book a train or coach? Do you go through endless phone listings for airport taxis? Or are you lucky enough to live within a stone’s throw to the terminal building, so it’s simply not a problem? Well, if you fall into one of the first couple [...]

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Finding Accommodations in Perth, Australia

  You’ve done it. After months of saving and planning, you have finally booked a plane ticket to Perth, Australia. Now that the sheer excitement of your decision has faded, it is time to start booking the rest of your essentials…. namely accommodations. It is all well and good to fly to the capital of [...]

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Scarborough

Situated just 14 km northwest of Perth, the suburb of Scarborough plays host to an array of idyllic beaches, manicured parklands, pine-lined streetscapes and lively restaurants dotted along the coastal shore. With so many things to do and see, we’ve highlighted the top 5 must-see attractions while on holiday in Scarborough.   Scarborough Beach   [...]

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Can You Travel With Electronic Cigarettes?

  Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows us to learn new things and even travel comfortably. But it’s not just gadgets like smart phones and tablets that are making waves. Electronic cigarettes are also garnering plenty of buzz. So, what are they? And is it possible to travel with them? Here is everything you [...]

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Getting Around Cairns Made Easy

  Travelling is always exciting. It gives you the chance to explore somewhere new, take in breathtaking sights, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Have you been dreaming about a vacation to Cairns? (I don’t blame you. All of that crystal blue water? Yes please!) Then you’ll need to figure out how to [...]

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Top 5 Things To Do In Ireland

If you listen to the stories about Ireland, you will spend your break drinking, dancing and looking at hills. For many people, this would actually be a brilliant holiday and there would be no need to uncover different activities and past-times. However, in the classic words spoken by Alan Partridge, “there’s more to Ireland than [...]

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Tips to Choose the Right Hotel for You

Planning is a necessary part of travelling. It helps keep your organized and ensures that every aspect of your trip is a positive one. One of the most important things you’ll need to think about before you go anywhere is your hotel. There are so many different places you can choose from. That is why [...]

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5 Tips to Enjoy France on a Budget

France is a dream destination for most people; however this dream can be cut short due to the fact that it is not a cheap destination. Its allures include historical sites, culinary delights and gorgeous views; these and more may leave most people strapped for cash. It however possible to explore France on a budget [...]

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The 5 Best Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

There’s nothing like a good app to make your next trip a little easier. If you’re bringing your smartphone or tablet along with you, there are so many travel apps you can download. Do you want something for directions? Language translation? Last minute deals? Well, there’s an app for that! Here are some of the [...]

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