The Neighborhoods of Copenhagen

If there ever was a beautiful city it was Copenhagen. Filled with varied neighbourhoods, each that give visitors a different experience while in the city, there is much to explore in Copenhagen. Below is a discussion of some of the different sections of the city, the land marks in those areas, and the overall feel of them. The neighbourhoods of Copenhagen include:

Indre By

This section encompasses the heart of Copenhagen; it is the commercial and cultural hub of the city and possesses many of its main attractions. A hub for tourists and locals is the Stroget, the longest pedestrian only shopping street in Europe. Encompassing five inter connected streets - Nygade, Vimmelskaftet, Amagertorv, Frederiksberggade and Østergade – the Stroget is lined with numerous boutiques and shops of all varieties. Two of the most visited attractions in the Indre by are the Round Tower – which was a 17th century observatory and the Our Lady Church. People also love to visit the fairy tale like Tivoli Park. This section of town has many of the city’s best bars, restaurants, and cafes.


To the south of the Indre By is Slotsholmen which is the seat of the Danish Parliament. Plenty of attractions in this area are of the more posh variety, those attractions include: the Thorvaldsens Museum, Christiansborg Place, the Royal Library, the Royal Stables and the 17th century stock exchange.  There are numerous bridges that connect Indre By to Slotsholmen.


Mistakenly considered a part of the Indre By the Nyhavn district was originally a commercial port. This port offered protection to vessels in its harbours from the swift gales that came off of the Baltic Sea. Modern day Nyhaven has morphed itself into a high end tourist attraction that is well known for its beautiful, multi coloured building fronts and a number of restaurants and bars in the area.


On the outside borders of Indre By and just to the east of Nyhavn is Frederikstad. Changing up from the more hap hazard twisting streets of the Indre By Frederikstad is laid out in a grid network with the Amalienborg Castle situated in the centre. Home of great beer gardens and antique stores, cathedrals, royal palaces Frederikstad is a district that visitors to Copenhagen will most certainly want to spend some time in.

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