What Makes a Geeky Traveller


Ooo  this looks promising!

Ooo this looks promising!

I get asked this all the time and while there is no simple formula for what makes someone a geek, there are a few key things that certainly help your credentials. It’s not uncommon for people to call themselves thus because it’s fashionable but all their reasons for being a geek are just in some lame attempt to fit in. True geekdom doesn’t need to be proven – it just is what it is!

While I’m aware of the irony of me now listing things that makes a traveller geeky – congratulations, if you picked up on this you are likely a geek yourself. Fear not though, you’re in great company.

Plan Obsessively

If there’s one thing travel geeks know how to do (and general geeks for that matter), it’s plan. Plan, plan, plan. Every detail – because in the end, we really want to have a sweet time and nothing guarantees that like knowing every in and out of the trip. What time will we leave? Which route will we take? I already have my travelling day attire picked out to maximize efficiency for the metal detector and comfort on the plane. If there’s something I’ve overlooked it will bother me more than anything – so that is why I plan.

Marvel at the Details

I have tremendous respect for the effort and dedication put into every building and work of art I come across. I know there’s a story behind them all and those that I don’t already know I will learn with ease and recite with fascination because the world is beautiful and I want to tell its story. That being said, it’s also terrifying and ugly… and should still have its story told.

No time!

No time!

Partying is Not on the Itinerary

I’m always dumbstruck when people I come across while travelling or people I am with want to go out and get wasted at some local bar. The thought, honestly, never crosses my mind. Unless I’m travelling long term, which results in me setting up a base of sorts that I immediately refer to as ‘home’, I have too many things I want to do and see to waste it getting sloshed and trying to pick up. If it happens, sure – but it’s just not a priority. Hard to imagine? You’re probably not a geek.

Fantasize about Fantasy

Even in the face of all the wondrous things in the world, from ancient temples to testaments to modern civilization, I spend a great deal of my travel time thinking of those things that don’t exist. Like, imagine if lizard people ruled Peru instead of the Inca? Which temples in Japan most remind me of Zelda and likewise, which places in Final Fantasy make sense after visiting Akihabara? How would travel be different if we went by tubes or teleporters? To answer your question – yes, it is awesome to be me.

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